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Specialty Areas

Women's Therapy and Relationship Counselor

Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Infertility

Pregnancy, TTC, and Infertility are accompanied by big feelings. We try to capture this journey in words, but really motherhood and the transition from woman to mother, is something that cannot be captured in a few sentences. It also brings with it, major hormonal changes and added responsibilities and fears. During this time, I want you to know that you are not alone. I stand by you, I applaud you, and I support you when you fail.

Women's Health

I am also a general women's health specialist. Whether this is self-worth, body image, juggling all the hats we wear (motherhood, job pressure, navigating wage gaps, people pleasing, marriage), or learning to navigate wearing these hats poorly and battling your inner overachiever in the process, I want to tackle these demons by your side. I see women daily struggling witch childhood and adult trauma, depression, anxiety, and OCD.


I am passionate about relationship health and wellness.


In previous practices, I coined the term "maintenance session" to describe something that my couples began to do both before problems began, and after conflict was resolved. I am trained in Gottman Institute methodology -- a marriage institute that has developed techniques from studying >2 million couples.


I offer premarital counseling, marriage intensive therapy, maintenance sessions, and navigating co-parenting.

Depression, Anxiety, and Suicidal Ideation

Depression, Anxiety, and Suicidal Ideation often present as a result of life change, transition, and unresolved trauma. lack of sleep, dissatisfaction with self or situation. We often don't know why we feel this way, and we actually want to feel "ok", but are stuck and have tried everything we can to be better.


This is where I meet you where you are and walk alongside you out of this.

Common Comorbidities I Treat

OCD, Intrusive Thoughts, Eating Disorders, Body Image, Self Worth

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If you are interested in scheduling an appointment or would like more information, please fill out the form on my contact page or call my office at 571-406-4659 and request an appointment with Katherine.

Do you have questions regarding a specialty or theoretical approach?

I am happy to discuss your potential counseling sessions or to answer any questions you might have!

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